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To quote Dr. Kuchimanchi’s words “...our strength lies in our volunteers...” and often what draws volunteers to AID is their natural compassion wherever there is suffering, the conviction that the compassion is strong enough to eliminate suffering, and the courage to make this conviction a reality. This is what AID is comprised of and if you are reading this, one or all of these commonalities has drawn you to us!

Why volunteer for AID?
  • We are inclusive - anyone, from any walk of life is welcome to join us.
  • All the processes are transparent, and open to public.
  • AID has a flat structure i.e., there is no hierarchy.
  • The organization offers plenty of opportunities to get involved in whatever capacity you would like to.
  • We invite you to read What it means to be a volunteer? on our central website.
  • How one could participate and what are the time commitments?
  • As a regular core volunteer (most commitment, from 1 upto ~ 6 to 8 hours a week during some busy phases).
  • A part-time/ ‘sporadic’ volunteer who helps with a specific event or all events.
  • A runner/ volunteer who helps as needed and when possible (least commitment, upto 30 min a week).

Please check on our site and participate in one or as many ‘Community Service Hour’ CSH meetings as you would like. It is open to all!

Please fill out the Contact Form so we may contact you when there are opportunities that interest you.

Volunteer Profiles
Rupesh Chemudur
Rupesh is an Electronics Engineer and likes to volunteer for AID. He believes in every one taking small steps leading to overall positive changes in the community. He likes to work with AID as it provides the right platform to bring a meaningful and measurable change in the society. Rupesh likes to read, watch cricket, and football.
Raksha Dutt
Raksha is an undergraduate student at UCLA. She volunteers with AID because she believes it gives her the opportunity to help people who are not as fortunate as she is. She likes to read books, watch movies, and play with her dog.
Krishna Boddugari
Software Engineer. Volunteers for AID because it provides him an opportunity to give back and help those less fortunate than a lot of us. He likes the approach AID takes to solving all of the interconnected problems. Loves to run and do gardening.
Chandra Sirapu
Chandra is an Entrepreneur. He loves using his skills and experience to help the non-profit sector. He volunteers for AID with an intention to make a difference in the lives of people that are underrepresented.
Jaideep Das
Jaideep works in the field of IT and takes passion in supporting the spread of education in India and neighbouring countries. He founded Dishari Foundation - a non-profit language school in Bay Area aiming at raising funds to support education. Jaideep is also the founder of an online event-based book retailer store focusing on writings from India and South-East Asia.
Tim Ketron
Owner, Athletic Outpost. After years of competitive running, Tim has spent the last many years helping others through his running store in Walnut Creek, CA. Tim first became involved with AID as the coach of the Berkeley Run for India (RFI) group in 2012. After being exposed to the many exceptional causes supported by AID, he eagerly became an active member.
Dr. Akila Gopalakrishnan
Volunteering with AID for social projects on health, education and agriculture gives me the opportunity to channel my education and time towards activities that can help and empower communities in need. I'm also a new mom, trying to make the most of my ephemeral free time amidst work, music and motherhood.
Atul Totre
Atul is a Management Executive at a major technology company. He is passionate about doing his civic duty and do his bit to drive social change and help the underprivileged. He loves to give back to the community in USA and in India. He likes AID’s mission and approach to accomplish the sustainable development and social justice for underprivileged in India, especially children and women. He is excited to volunteer with AID as it allows him a more involved approach to contributing to change. He likes to spend his free time with fitness activities, reading and with his family.
Manasi Tare
From being a healthcare professional to full time mom now, my passion of caring for people in need just got a new direction after joining AID as volunteer. It gave me opportunity to support and empower our community, and to be associated with grassroot development projects that's making positive difference in community.
Priya Koratkar
Priya is a technology professional who is passionate about making the world a better place. Kindness and philanthropy inspire her and she constantly strives to create an environment of trust love and aspiration around her. She is particularly passionate about projects related to children and their brighter future. A mother of two Priya loves to cook, entertain and travel. She is in an eternal search of that perfect red lipstick!